Recording Studio

AIM can also offer cost effective audio recording services for AV, podcasts, voice over production and small music groups via its dedicated project studio.



  • negotiable
  • discounts for community and charitable projects

Studio Facilities

  • Yamaha 01V digital mixing desk with ADAT interface
  • PC running Cubase, Wavelab and EMU software
  • Mics: Rode NT1, Aston Origin, Shure SM57, AKG 451, SE1a, Shure Beta 52A, Rode C2 matched condenser mics
  • GEM Digital Piano (88 note) Fully weighted keys, Alesis Fusion 6HD
  • Roland System 1, System 8 Plug Out Synthesisers, Roland Cloud Subscription
  • Vintage Synthesiser Modules: EMU Proteus 1 (with Invision expansion card), Korg M3R, Korg EX 800, Korg Guitar Synthesiser
  • Vintage Outboard: Lexicon MPX 110 Dual Channel Processor Digital Reverb
  • Steinberg Midex 8 Midi Interface
  • Guitar Effects Processors: Boss GT6, Yamaha FX 500
  • Peavey Classic 30 Guitar Amplifier

Recent Clients

  • Steph McNicholas – some tracks for her new album, Songs From The Heart, were recorded at AIM. The CD was also compiled at the AIM Studio.
  • The Cheatin Hearts
  • Mantra
  • The Scott-McNicholas Experience
  • Heather Jones